Pride is unteachable,
it doesn’t hold a spirit of humility.

Your pride isn’t protecting you,
it’s punishing you.

Pride makes us seek attention for ourselves.
It is tempting to want to be the center of attention and to be in the spotlight all the time. However, the danger in seeking attention for ourselves is that we become so concerned about our needs that we become blind to the needs of others.

Pride prevents us from asking for help even when we need it.
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a display of strength of character. It takes vulnerability to ask for help, and when we do, we create an opportunity for those that care to help.

Pride prevents us from accepting that we are capable of making mistakes.  Sometimes we say things we don’t mean and sometimes we hurt the people we are trying to love. The truth is we are all flawed. But when we refuse to accept our wrongs not only does it become more difficult for the people we have wronged to forgive us, it becomes impossible to deal with the root of our problems.

Pride prevents us from seeking true repentance.
Pride stops us from asking for forgiveness, because asking for forgiveness is admitting that we made a mistake and taking accountability for our actions. When we refuse to own up to our mistakes, it becomes harder for people to forgive us and we are most likely to make the same mistakes again and again.

Pride prevents us from accepting what we don’t know.
No one has the answers to all of life’s questions. There is nothing as disappointing than someone who claims to know something when they don’t. Pretending we know when we really don’t, makes us look less credible and untrustworthy. Admitting we don’t know, allows others to help. They are also, more likely to trust us when we actually know.

Pride makes it harder to accept and to ask for advice.
It is difficult to ask for advice when we want to prove to the world than we know everything. It’s been said that we can accomplish anything in life, as long as we do not mind who gets the credit. When we try to prove everything to everyone, people often become reluctant to give advice even though we may desperately need it, which will lead ultimately to our downfall.

By: Jennifer Duran